Episode 15 – Getting Started with Azure

In this episode Scott and I meander away from Office 365 into Azure.  You may or may not know you automatically get an AzureAD instance tied to an Azure subscription as soon as you sign up for Office 365.  There are also lots of additional ways Azure and Office 365 can work together allowing you to get even more out of Office 365.  So, in this episode we walk you through getting started with Azure so you can get started expanding the Microsoft Cloud capabilities within your organization.

Episode 14 – Office 365 and Office 2016 Release Cycles

This week, Ben and Scott get together to talk about fireworks, how you can gain access to Office 365 before the rest of the world, and how you manage your Office 2016 release schedules.

Episode 13 – Identity and Authentication in Office 365

This week, you intrepid hosts take you through the ins and outs of Office 365 Identity and Azure Active Directory.

Episode 12 – Office 365 News for June 2017

In this episode, Scott and Ben discuss the Office 365 news for the month of June 2017.