About Us and The Show

Scott and Ben are both IT Pros that have a long history with SharePoint. Lately though, most of our work is in Office 365 and Azure, so we figured why not start a podcast! So, here we are! This podcast will primarily focus on Office 365 as it relates to IT Pros. However, we’ll also dive into Azure, especially where it relates specifically to Office 365 in areas such as Azure AD and Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM).

How You Can Be Involved

That’s about all we have for now. Keep checking back for updates or just sign up for our mailing list using the widget below. This will get you updates emailed right to your inbox, notifications when we’ve published a new show, or other surveys and ways for your to participate in the show. If you have any questions about the show or questions you want answered on the show, head over the contact page and send us a message.


How often will new episodes be published?

Weekly, not 100% sure what day yet

How long will each episode be?

Our goal is no more than 30 minute an episode

What topics will you cover?

Office 365 Primarily but also some Azure as well. After all, Azure AD is kind of a big part of Office 365. Nothing developery (unless it directly relates to IT Pros, like how to keep those devs in check)

How are you different from the Microsoft Cloud Show or the Azure Podcast?

The Microsoft Cloud show covers a much broader range of topics across the enter cloud spectrum, Azure, a little Office 365, AWS Google and let's face it, AC and CJ are both devs at heart. The Azure Podcast is ALL things Azure. We don't want to cover all of Azure, or the entire cloud spectrum. We want to be more focused and talk about Office 365 and venture into Azure as it relates to Office 365. We may stray into more Azure IT Pro topics eventually, but currently that's not the plan

Thanks and enjoy the show!
Ben and Scott