In Episode 114, Ben and Scott have a chat with Sarah Lean, a Cloud Solution Architect from Microsoft about why you should be looking at the cloud, thinking about how to approach the new terminology you’ll be exposed to, and how to govern your Azure environments.


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Show Notes

About Sarah Lean

Sarah fell in love with technology at an early age and have made it her career. She has a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of a variety of best-in-breed technologies. In recent years she has started to focus and specialize in all things Cloud, especially Microsoft Azure. Sarah joined Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect in January 2018 and her focus is on helping organizations with their Data Center Transformations. Within her role, she gets to combine her 13+ years’ experience of managing and designing on-premises environments and her passion for Azure, helping customers start their cloud journey is an ideal role for her.
Sarah is a STEM Ambassador and is hopeful that sharing her story can help inspire the next generation into a STEM career.

In February 2017 Sarah founded the Glasgow Azure User Group, which is a community group that meets every two months and aims to bring together people who are looking to learn and network with their peers.

As well as running a user group Sarah loves to attend other groups and speak at them as well.

Sarah can be found on Twitter @techielass, GitHub at, and her blog at

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