In this episode we have our first guest on the show!  Scott and Ben interview Matt McDermott about SharePoint hybrid.  You’ll get an overview of the what exactly is SharePoint Hybrid and why you would want to do it.  Then we jump into what may be some deal breakers when it comes to deploying hybrid.  We also talk about how to get start configuring it and some of the “marketing hype” around SharePoint hybrid.  Finally we wrap up talking about how to decide which workloads to deploy and which ones are easy and others that may be a little harder.

Episode Guest: Matt McDermott

Show Notes:

SharePoint Hybrid

What are the big wins in Hybrid? Why do I care?

  • Reduced On-Prem Footprint
  • Better access from everywhere with all devices
  • Massive Scale
  • Access to cloud features

What are the deal breakers?

What is the marketing hype?

What is easy and what is hard (or what can we do now and what requires planning)?