In Episode 348, Ben and Scott start the discussion focusing on the shifting dynamics of open-source tool access for customers, particularly in light of HashiCorp’s decision to transition to a Business Source License (BSL). This move essentially limits what competitors can do with their code, requiring them to acquire a commercial license from HashiCorp if developing. While the change doesn’t significantly impact customers who primarily use Terraform for deploying and managing resources, it may have significant implications for companies building competitive services based on HashiCorp’s community products.

As the discussion progresses, Ben and Scott transition into an exploration of Azure subscriptions. They suggested that businesses, especially those in their early stages, should create more Azure subscriptions than they think they need. This is due to a paradigm shift from treating resource groups as units of management aligned with business needs to viewing subscriptions in the same way. The conversation emphasized the importance of understanding this concept and planning accordingly when setting up Azure.

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Show Notes

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