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This week it’s time to look at another pillar in the Office 365 stack.  This week is an Introduction to Exchange Online!  Exchange online could easily take several episodes if you go into any great depth, so we’ll start off with just a high level overview.  Expect some future episodes to dive into more detail and as always, let us know if there is anything you want to hear more about or a specific area you want us to dive deeper into.

We’ll be broadcasting our Podcast live from Microsoft Ignite later this month!

We are currently scheduled for Thursday, September 28th from 1 PM – 2 PM EDT. The broadcast will stream live on YouTube and we’re hoping to stream live on Facebook as well.

Watch the Live Stream on YouTube!

We have the event scheduled and posted, make sure you tune in and watch if you can’t join us live!

Take part in the podcast in person or virtually

This is also your chance to take part in our Podcast as well! You can do this in a couple ways:

  1. If you are going to be at Ignite, come watch us live!  There is seating for up to 100 people and you can find our “session” here – You can even add it to your session builder to make sure you don’t miss it! Come up afterwards as well and say “Hi!” and get your own podcast sticker!
  2. We have an hour for this podcast, making it a little longer than usual. As such, we would love to get some feedback from our listeners. Questions you want us to address or a topic you want to talk about on the show are all welcome. We’ll cover news from the conference, but would love to work in some audience participation as well.

Come find Scott or Ben for and get your own sticker!

Besides being in the Podcast Center, Scott and Ben will be hanging around the conference with stickers and a couple of mics! Want a sticker or two? Want a chance to be interviewed and be on the show? Come hunt us down during the week and we’ll hook you up. I know, it’s a big conference and a lot of people, so feel free to reach out on twitter to make sure we don’t miss each other.

Ben on Twitter: @benstegink
Scott on Twitter: @ciphertxt
MS Cloud IT Pro on Twitter: @msclouditpro

If anything changes or we get any more details about anything, we’ll make sure to send them out to you as well.

Thanks for listening and hope to see you at Ignite!

Scott and Ben

We’re back with your Microsoft Cloud news for August 2017. This month we’ve got some exciting updates on Microsoft Ignite, where Microsoft stands in the collaboration space, and a bunch of platform updates!

Episode 20, Scott and I are already approaching 6 months of our podcast! To celebrate the big two-zero, we wanted to do an episode on getting started with Skype for Business Online.  In this episode, we walk through getting up and running on Skype for Business, things to be aware of, various features and functionality within the Skype for Business platform and wrap it all up nicely with some of the boundaries and limitations to be aware of.

P.S.  Make sure you tune in next week for some exciting news and a chance to see us recording the podcast live!  It might just happen to be related to Microsoft Ignite.  If you aren’t signed up for our mailing list, make sure you sign up there as well so we can keep you updated on additional details in the coming weeks!

This week Scott and Ben tackle the Office 365 Content Adoption Pack. It’s available for free, uses Power BI, and is an invaluable tool in your toolbox.

In this episode we have our first guest on the show!  Scott and Ben interview Matt McDermott about SharePoint hybrid.  You’ll get an overview of the what exactly is SharePoint Hybrid and why you would want to do it.  Then we jump into what may be some deal breakers when it comes to deploying hybrid.  We also talk about how to get start configuring it and some of the “marketing hype” around SharePoint hybrid.  Finally we wrap up talking about how to decide which workloads to deploy and which ones are easy and others that may be a little harder.

Episode Guest: Matt McDermott

Show Notes:

SharePoint Hybrid

What are the big wins in Hybrid? Why do I care?

  • Reduced On-Prem Footprint
  • Better access from everywhere with all devices
  • Massive Scale
  • Access to cloud features

What are the deal breakers?

What is the marketing hype?

What is easy and what is hard (or what can we do now and what requires planning)?

In Episode 17, Ben and Scott review Azure Automation, Microsoft’s cloud-based automation platform.

Time for another Office 365 news update! In episode 16 Scott and Ben cover Office 365 news from July 17 around Skype for Business, SharePoint, PowerBI, PowerApps, Flow, Groups and more!

In this episode Scott and I meander away from Office 365 into Azure.  You may or may not know you automatically get an AzureAD instance tied to an Azure subscription as soon as you sign up for Office 365.  There are also lots of additional ways Azure and Office 365 can work together allowing you to get even more out of Office 365.  So, in this episode we walk you through getting started with Azure so you can get started expanding the Microsoft Cloud capabilities within your organization.

This week, Ben and Scott get together to talk about fireworks, how you can gain access to Office 365 before the rest of the world, and how you manage your Office 2016 release schedules.