Episode 72 – SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business with Omar Shahine

In Episode 72, Ben and Scott interview Microsoft’s Omar Shahine, Director of Program Management, OneDrive and SharePoint. It is an “around-the-world” tour of the program management process at Microsoft, SharePoint Spaces, and how customers interact directly with the product teams to drive features and functionality in the Office 365 product suite.


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Show Notes

Omar Shahine

Omar ShahineOmar runs Product for SharePoint and OneDrive consumer and business services in Office 365. He has worked on OneDrive since August 2010 when he led a multi-year change in strategy and capability for OneDrive. Today he leads a team of Program Managers who deliver OneDrive and SharePoint across a range of devices and is integrated into thousands of products. He been at Microsoft since 1998 and worked on various products and services. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two kids.

You can follow Omar on Twitter @OmarShahine.