Episode 39 – Azure IaaS: VMs and Storage

In Episode 39, Ben and Scott provide an overview of onboarding into Azure Virtual Machines and the associated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) components of Azure.

Episode 38 – Being successful as an Office 365 Architect

In Episode 38 Scott and Ben discuss how roles within IT have changed and evolved with move to the cloud.  What does it take to be successful as an Office 365 Architect? How as the Admin’s role changed with the move to Office 365?  For everyone from SharePoint Admins to Exchange Admins to Skype for Business Admins, your role is changing. We’ll discuss at a higher level how the IT Pro’s mindset and approach to administration needs to change when diving into Office 365.

Episode 37 – Office 365 and Azure Monitoring with Steve Peschka

In Episode 37, Ben interviews Steve Peschka of Office365Mon where they discuss what you can monitor in Office 365 and Azure and most importantly – what you’ll want to consider when it comes to monitoring the service health of your cloud-based platforms.

About Steve Peschka

Steve Peschka Headshot

Steve Peschka is one of the founders of Office365Mon and an 18 year veteran of Microsoft. At Microsoft, he spent the last dozen years working almost exclusively with the SharePoint, Office 365 and Office 365 Dedicated teams. That included significant work helping some of the largest enterprises, governments, and military organizations design, deploy and develop on different versions of SharePoint going all the way back to pre-release versions of SharePoint 2001. In 2015 Steve left Microsoft to help start-up Office365Mon.Com, which is now a market leader in monitoring for Office 365, as well as a new sister service called AzureServiceMon for monitoring Azure. Office365Mon now has over 2000 customers and growing and Steve is the CEO. Steve was a frequent speaker at a variety of Microsoft events over the years and still continues to share thoughts at the SamlMan blog at https://samlman.wordpress.com/.

Episode 36 – Office 365 News for October 2017

In Episode 36, Ben and Scott cover Office 365 news for October 2017, including the Skype to Microsoft Teams transition roadmap

Episode 35 – All Over The Map With Yammer

In Episode 35, Ben and Scott tackle Yammer, Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Network available in Office 365.