Episode 44 – Office 365 News for December 2017

In Episode 44, Scott and Ben tear through the Office 365 news for December 2017. One would think it would be slow at the end of the year, but no, we’re jam-packed with the latest updates.

Episode 41 – Getting Started with Office 365 (Part 1 of ?)

In Episode 41, Ben and Scott respond to listener feedback and start the first of a who-knows-how-many series on how to onboard into Office 365.

Episode 40 – Office 365 News for November 2017

In Episode 40, Scott and Ben review the latest Office 365 news for November 2017, including SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams.

Episode 8 – Office 365 News for May 2017

In this episode, Scott and Ben discuss the Office 365 news for the month of May 2017.