Episode 29 – Ignite Live Show: Deep Dive on Microsoft Teams

Live from Microsoft Ignite!

In Episode 29, Ben and Scott discuss the architecture of Microsoft Teams, how it is deployed and managed by Microsoft, and how organizations can enable themselves for a successful deployment in light of the announcement that Skype for Business will be built into Microsoft Teams.

Episode 20 – Getting Started with Skype for Business Online

Episode 20, Scott and I are already approaching 6 months of our podcast! To celebrate the big two-zero, we wanted to do an episode on getting started with Skype for Business Online.  In this episode, we walk through getting up and running on Skype for Business, things to be aware of, various features and functionality within the Skype for Business platform and wrap it all up nicely with some of the boundaries and limitations to be aware of.

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Episode 10 – PowerShell for Office 365

We made it to Episode 10! We’re officially into double digits!  We mentioned PowerShell is some of our previous episodes, but in this episode, we dive headfirst into PowerShell for Office 365.  This includes PowerShell for Azure AD, SharePoint, Exchange Online and Skype for Business.  We could easily come back and do a deep dive on PowerShell for each of topics, but this will at least whet your appetite.

Getting Started with PowerShell for Office 365

Protection Center

Azure AD

SharePoint Online

Exchange Online

Skype for Business Online