Episode 53 – The Latest in Microsoft Teams

In Episode 53, Scott and Ben give a rundown of the latest updates and enhancements in Microsoft Teams.

Episode 45 – Looking Back at 2017 and Forward to 2018

In Episode 45, Scott and Ben look back on 2017 and put on their binoculars to peer into 2018.

Episode 41 – Getting Started with Office 365 (Part 1 of ?)

In Episode 41, Ben and Scott respond to listener feedback and start the first of a who-knows-how-many series on how to onboard into Office 365.

Episode 38 – Being successful as an Office 365 Architect

In Episode 38 Scott and Ben discuss how roles within IT have changed and evolved with move to the cloud.  What does it take to be successful as an Office 365 Architect? How as the Admin’s role changed with the move to Office 365?  For everyone from SharePoint Admins to Exchange Admins to Skype for Business Admins, your role is changing. We’ll discuss at a higher level how the IT Pro’s mindset and approach to administration needs to change when diving into Office 365.

Episode 36 – Office 365 News for October 2017

In Episode 36, Ben and Scott cover Office 365 news for October 2017, including the Skype to Microsoft Teams transition roadmap